Promises Deep Dive

Before promises, we handled asynchronous code with callbacks which were hard to handle well. besides being an unreadable code (pyramid of doom), trying to handle multiple callbacks to run after an asynchronous operation ended or handle a completed process later in the code was hard to handle. There was a need for a better coding approach for handling asynchronous events.

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Composition Over Inheritance

Before we start to understand the limitations of inheritance and how you can solve them with composition it will be good to point out that prototypal inheritance is for object-oriented programming paradigms as closures are for functional programming paradigms and that inheritance is when you design your types around what they are while the composition is when you design your types around what they do.

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JavaScript Factories

Sometimes the creation of an object can be complicated and the factory pattern can be used to simplify that and hide a lot of that from our front end. Basically, the factory pattern can help us simplify object creation and create different objects based on need. in this article, we will see simple examples to understand the factory pattern in JavaScript and the advantages over the others.

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JavaScript – Object Oriented Programing

Object Oriented Programing means bringing together the data and the behavior in a single location called an object. data and behavior are the 2 main things in programs. data means the things we keep in memory and behavior means functions, the things that programs can do. This paradigm is entirely different than the functional programming paradigm that keeps a separation between the data and behavior.

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