Hi, I'm Nisan Sabag.
I'm a web developer.

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Who am I and what I do.

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I am a Web Developer that specialize in Front-End Technologies. I have passion for creating amazing user interfaces that are responsive and user friendly. I am a people-person, I love to co-op with people to create batter web products.


  • HTML5 API's and Progresive Web Apps
  • CSS, CSS3 and SASS
  • Javascript, ES6 and TypeScript
  • Reactive programming with RxJS
  • Angular, React, Stencil and jQuery
  • Design systems with Storybook
  • Web Services with REST API and GraphQL
  • Node.js and friends
  • MongoDB and MySQL
  • WordPress and WordPress REST API
  • Testing with jest and puppeteer
  • Flutter


  • npm, git, github, WebPack and Parcel
  • Deployment with github pages, netlify, heroku, firebase and shared hosting with cpanel


Work from GitHub.


Last articles from my blog.

Asynchronous JavaScript
Javascript is single-threaded, only one statement is executed at a time. If something in our code is a long process it will freeze our application (block the thread) until it finishes. But as I explained in my previous articles, JavaScript does not work alone in the browser, we have the web API which is a set of features that help us run code asynchronously, a code that runs with callbacks in the background and does not freeze our application
JavaScript Modules
Modules are highly self-contained and they are grouped with their specific functionality. It's allowing them to be moved around and used by other places and even to be removed without disrupting the system as a whole
JavaScript - Functional Programing
Functional programing is all about separation of concern which object oriented programing does as well. but in functional programming we don't combine the data and functions in one piece or one object like with object oriented programming. the functions operate on well defined data structures like arrays and objects rather than belonging to the data structure like an object
JavaScript Super Powers - Closures
When The JavaScript makes sure that the function has access to all the variables outside of the function, it's a closure. closures are a feature in JavaScript which also called lexical scoping. it's a combination of 2 things: functions are first class citizens and the lexical scope

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