Hi, I'm Nisan Sabag.
I'm a web developer.

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Who am I and what I do.

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I am a Web Developer that specialize in Front-End Technologies. I have passion for creating amazing user interfaces that are responsive and user friendly. I am a people-person, I love to co-op with people to create batter web products.


  • HTML5 API's and Progresive Web Apps
  • CSS, CSS3 and SASS
  • Javascript, ES6 and TypeScript
  • Reactive programming with RxJS
  • Angular, React, Stencil and jQuery
  • Design systems with Storybook
  • Web Services with REST API and GraphQL
  • Node.js and friends
  • MongoDB and MySQL
  • WordPress and WordPress REST API
  • Testing with jest and puppeteer
  • Flutter


  • npm, git, github, WebPack and Parcel
  • Deployment with github pages, netlify, heroku, firebase and shared hosting with cpanel


Work from GitHub.


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